Production Company:
Topical Television

Commissioning Broadcaster:

Series Breakdown:
S1 10 x 30
S2 20 x 30
S3 20 x 30
S4 20 x 30
S5 20 x 30
S6 20 x 30
S7 20 x 30
S8 20 x 30

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Presented by DOMINIC LITTLEWOOD (Cowboy Builders, Don’t Get Done Get Dom), Caught Red Handed looks at ways in which the police and the public are setting ingenious traps to catch villains in the act.

With access to undercover police operations involving theatrics, stake-outs, and state of the art technology, this ten part series follows police ‘stings’ designed to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour with all the thrill of the chase, using hidden cameras to capture the action. The results are recorded on high-tech cameras for the courts, and now TV viewers, to see.

And it’s not just the police – ordinary people, too, are finding new ways of catching criminals, such as the couple who lie in wait all night and trap a thief in their confectionery shop, and the dad who hid in a wardrobe to catch a carer stealing from his disabled son.