Production Company:
Topical Television

Commissioning Broadcaster:

Series Breakdown:
S1 15 x 30
S2 10 x 30
S3 10 x 30
S4 10 x 30
S5 20 x 30
S6 20 x 30
S7 19 x 30
S8 20 x 30
S9 20 x 30

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Close Calls: On Camera brings to life the stories of ordinary people who have faced extraordinary circumstances.

With access to a variety of sources such as video and phone footage shot by the victims and onlookers, dramatic real-life 999 calls, and first-hand accounts from the victims and their friends and families, Close Calls: On Camera relives the split-second moments when everyday events are transformed into disasters and meets the people who lived to tell the tale.

Watch the terrifying moment that a mother and her two children are suddenly faced with a life-threatening decision when their car starts burning uncontrollably in a Safari Park lion enclosure, and witness when a day of skiing takes a terrifying turn for three friends, after one of them misjudges the track and disappears into a bottomless crack in the ice.