The following shows are available featuring FRANK SKINNER:

Frank Skinner 1: Live at The Bloomsbury
Episodes available: 1 x 60’, 1992

Frank Skinner 2: Live at The Apollo
Episodes available: 1 x 68’ (UK Version), 1994
& 1 x 68’ (International Version), 1996

Frank Skinner 3: Live at the London Palladium
Episodes available: 1 x 74’, 1996

Frank Skinner 4: Live at the
Birmingham Hippodrome
Episodes available: 1 x 75’ or 1 x 48’, 1998

Frank Skinner 5: Live From Birmingham’s
National Indoor Arena
Episodes available: 1 x 90’ or 1 x 48’, 2007

Frank Skinner 6: Man in a Suit
Episodes available: 1 x 87’ or 1 x 60’, 2014

FRANK SKINNER is one of the biggest names in British comedy.

He has enjoyed unrivalled success, both as a phenomenally popular standup comic and with his hit TV series, The Frank Skinner Show (ITV1 and BBC One), Fantasy Football (ITV1 and BBC Two), Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned (ITV1) and his sitcom Shane (ITV1).

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