Production Company:
Avalon Television Inc. / Vertical Networks

Commissioning Broadcaster:

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Ghost Hunt is hosted by a brash/blunt comedian who takes aim at the modern phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ by helping young people track down someone from their romantic past who ghosted them, and bringing them together for closure. Along the way, the host serves up their own brand of wisdom, breaking down the confusing landscape of 21st century dating.

The US version (hosted by MATTEO LANE) really struck a chord with people – premiering with just under 5.5 million unique viewers, making it one of the highest performing shows on Snapchat. The subsequent episodes retained that audience of over 5 million – no small feat as the episodes were only up for 48 hours. Additionally, engagement numbers for the show (time spent & completion rate) were higher than any other Snapchat show premiere, to date.