Production Company:
Flame TV

Commissioning Broadcaster:

Series Breakdown:
S1 15 x 45
S2 20 x 45
S3 25 x 45
S4 20 x 45
S5 25 x 45 (10 x 60 also available)
S6 20 x 45 (10 x 60 also available)
S7 20 x 45
S8 20 x 45
S9 20 x 45
S10 20 x 45 (20 x 30 also available)
S11 20 x 45
S12 20 x 45

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When someone dies you would expect that their worldly possessions would go to their nearest and dearest. But if the deceased had no known relatives and there was no last will and testament, then the Government inherits the possessions – unless, that is, the ‘heir hunters’ step in.

An observational documentary series, Heir Hunters follows probate research firms’ investigators as they race against the clock and the competition to track down long lost relatives to bring them the news, both good and bad. Combining elements of fortune hunting, genealogy and ultimately life-changing moments, there are different stories covered in each episode.

One of the most well established shows about genealogy on TV, there have been 12 series and over 250 episodes produced to date.


Heir Hunters first launched on BBC One in 2007; since then, its audience has grown by 48%.