Production Company:
Liberty Bell

Commissioning Broadcaster:

Series Breakdown:
S1 6 x 60

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Nev’s Indian Call Centre follows Britain’s most notorious wheeler dealer boss, NEV WHILSHIRE, and his crack team as they open a new Call Centre… 4000 miles away in India. Helping Nev set up base in Delhi, the call centre capital of the world, and recruit a new team of top talent is much-loved tea lady, Hayley and Nev’s most trusted lieutenants, Operations Manager, Dwayne and Campaign Manager, Johnny. The team’s first order of business is to find the perfect office space.

Next Nev must find a workforce, as bemused applicants endure Nev’s notorious ‘sing-along job interview’ and try hard to impress. How will the successful recruits handle Nev’s crash-course in British culture – from sitcoms to sport to the weather, or Hayley’s version – fake tan, nails and hair extensions? And how will the team adapt to Indian culture?

Despite difficulties, Nev’s is hopeful that the new venture will be a success. After all, “happy people sell, and India is full of happy people.”