Production Company:
Liberty Bell

Commissioning Broadcaster:
Channel 4

Series Breakdown:
S1 3 x 60
S2 6 x 60
S3 6 x 60

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The Three Day Nanny follows professional nanny, KATHRYN MEWES as she answers the cries for help from desperate parents in a formatted, factual entertainment show for Channel 4.

Modern family life is a constant battle for attention; whether it’s phones, tablets, TV or a host of other distractions, families have more to cope with now than ever before. Working parents are time poor and face a bewildering amount of conflicting advice; how do they do what’s best? For some, normal family life has broken down so much and behaviour has become so extreme that they need expert help. Coming to their aid, The Three Day Nanny tackles some of the most extreme cases of families in crisis.

Kathryn has developed a proven three day intervention which tackles parents and children alike. But will the families be willing to change?

“Impossible? Not for Kathryn Mewes, who shows how it’s done in her inspiring TV series… this latter day Mary Poppins will effortlessly find a way.”
Daily Mail Weekend