Caught Red Handed looks at ways in which the police and the public are setting ingenious traps to catch villains in the act.

Police forces are taking the fight to the criminals - using elaborate traps to catch the bad guys (and girls) actually in the act. And it’s not just the police - ordinary people, too, are finding ingenious ways of catching the crooks…….red-handed.

Presented by Dom Littlewood, this series follows unusual police ‘sting’ operations designed to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour – with all the thrill of the chase, using hidden cameras, CCTV and reportage to capture the action and see criminals get their ‘come-uppance’.

Using latest technology and undercover operations involving theatrics, state of the art surveillance and psychology …. With results recorded on high-tech hidden cameras for the courts – and now TV viewers - to see. The bait is set and we wait for the rats to walk into the trap…!

Focusing on the sort of crimes and anti-social behaviour that affects the majority of the population, and some of the issues that affect those crimes, witness some dramatic and exciting operations from set-up, to capture and beyond….

Over 210 episodes of the series have been produced for the BBC.

Episodes Available

Season 1 - 10 x 30'
Season 2 - 20 x 30'
Season 3 - 20 x 30'
Season 4 - 20 x 30'
Season 5 - 20 x 30'
Season 6 - 20 x 30'
Season 7 - 20 x 30'
Season 8 - 20 x 30'
Season 9 - 20 x 30'
Season 10 - 20 x 30'
Season 11 - 20 x 30'

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