Eight seasoned celebrity senior citizens try out some of the cutting edge gadgets and gizmos that are supposedly designed to make our lives easier, to find out if the future really is all it’s cracked up to be.

In this irreverent fun-filled series, narrated by JENNIFER SAUNDERS (Absolutely Fabulous), actors JUNE BROWN, AMANDA BARRIE and RUTH MADOC, King of the Jungle HARRY REDKNAPP, Jack Whitehall’s dad MICHAEL, TV legend LIONEL BLAIR and ex-political correspondent JOHN SERGEANT attempt to get to grips with the latest technological advances in the home and out. In between trying out smart speakers, electric cars, remote control golf trolleys, home saunas, high tech tents, dog cameras and and pooper scooper vacuums, they let off steam about whether things really were better in the old days, before we became enslaved to wifi, automated ticket machines, satnavs and food delivery apps.

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S1 6 x 30'

Production Company

Avalon Factual

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Scripted Formats Crime Factual Entertainment Stand-Up
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