Production Company:
Avalon Television

Commissioning Broadcaster:
UKTV (Dave)

Series Breakdown:
S1 6 x 60
S2 6 x 60
S3 7 x 30
S4 8 x 30 (and 8 x 60 extended versions: Unspun XL with Matt Forde)

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Unspun is a comedy format that takes an irreverent look at politics and politicians by dismantling the hyperbole and trying to work out how on earth we got here and where we go next. In the UK version, the most exciting voice in political comedy MATT FORDE brings an up-to-date, fearless weekly satirical show to interject comedy into the heart of politics.

Recorded on the same evening as transmission, the last three UK series of this highly topical, political, comedy chat show has enjoyed guests such as TONY BLAIR impersonating an Italian Prime Minister’s reaction to a fatal case of diplomacy involving a pizza tie, HARRIET HARMAN pinpointing previous shadow health minister ROBIN COOK totally misconstruing a trip to the cinema with her children for a jaunt, and, at the other end of the spectrum, ANN WIDECOMBE opening up about joining an altogether different pantomime featuring BASIL BRUSH after leaving Parliament.

In addition to Matt tackling some of the biggest stories in politics, including EU divorce bulls, Westminster hatches and dispatches, and the impending impeachment of DONALD TRUMP (the last one might be wishful thinking), he’ll also be joined by special guest comedians to unpick the week’s events and no episode would be complete without the backing of the country’s only rock band made up of current and former politicians, MP4.

Nominated for Best Entertainment Programme at the 2017 Broadcast Digital Awards.