Behind closed doors, people are drowning in their own filth and just can’t claw their way out. But fear not! Now, there are four “Queens of Clean”, who are the next generation of professional cleaners and dynamite organisers.

Charnel, Lola, Luke and Adam are answering SOS calls from all around Britain. Their life’s work? To help ditch the dirt, clean the clutter, and most important of all, change lives, one home at a time.

Move over Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch - these Queens share with us their super cool cleaning hacks and brilliant organisational techniques, and along the way, the people of Britain get the help they so desperately need. Welcome to Dirty House Rescue: Queens of Clean.

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7 x 60'

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Avalon Factual

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Scripted Formats Crime Factual Entertainment Stand-Up
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