Teams of pairs compete in a brutal survival challenge! Dropped in the wilderness and stripped of everything (including their clothes) they must survive three days with absolutely nothing whilst racing each other back to civilisation.

Brand new adventure format Naked, Alone and Racing to get Home follows two teams of two contestants who are pitted against each other in a competition of extreme physical and mental endurance. They are dropped in a remote location, left exposed and must race to a finish line that is over three days away… where a cash prize for the fastest winner awaits!

Along the way they must navigate themselves over mountains, through dense forests and cross ice-cold rivers with only a hand-drawn map and a few basic provisions to help (whilst trying to avoid getting arrested!!)

Which team has the strength, resilience, and resourcefulness to survive with nothing but their wits?

Episodes Available

5 x 60'

Production Company

Avalon Factual

Commissioning Broadcaster

Scripted Formats Crime Factual Entertainment Stand-Up
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