On a Sunday in November 2021, Alex Morgan, 34, leaves her two children with her parents to go to Yorkshire for a trip to a spa with a friend.

Wednesday comes and goes; Alex doesn’t return home. Kent Police launch a missing person’s investigation unaware they are about to uncover a catalogue of depravity and brutality which shocked even the most hardened of police officer, to the core.

This series tells the horrific story of sex, lies and double lives. A self-proclaimed “psychopath with a conscience” who seemingly killed for kicks before being stopped in his tracks.

Using police evidence, as yet unseen bodycam footage, CCTV and police interviews with the killer alongside first-hand testimony from detectives, family and friends, we learn how Brown used an escort website to befriend and lure women to a homemade sex dungeon at Little Bridge Farm.

This documentary follows the timeline of the investigation as police piece together their jigsaw puzzle of clues, leading to the discovery of a potential witness when her medical prescription is found in Brown’s vehicle. But this breakthrough appears to be a false start. Attempts to track down Leah Ware, 32, are fruitless. When its revealed no one has heard from Leah in 6 months, it’s the turn of Sussex Police to launch a missing person-to murder investigation.

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2 x 60'

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Avalon Factual & Krempelwood Production

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Crime + Investigation / A+E Networks
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