LEE MACK’s multi-award-winning hit BBC One sitcom Not Going Out is the BBC’s top three longest-running comedies of all time, with over 100 episodes. Since first launching in 2006, average audience numbers have increased by 55% and the show regularly draws in audiences of over 4 million.

With 13 critically acclaimed series, this primetime sitcom is packed full of jokes, jibes and general misunderstandings and follows happy-go-lucky — but entirely hapless — Lee (LEE MACK).

In earlier series, Lee gets himself into all sorts of scrapes and sticky situations in his eagerness to please and impress the object of his affections, his long-suffering landlady, Lucy (SALLY BRETTON).

After living as flatmates for several series, Lee and Lucy finally get married. From Series 8 onwards we fast-forward seven years, re-joining Lee and Lucy living in the anarchy of a packed family house with kids Charlie and twin siblings, Benji and Molly.

Not Going Out’s second home in the UK is UKTV, where it has consistently been one of the highest rated series across all genres on Dave for the past 10 years.

Cast across the series includes HUGH DENNIS, ABIGAIL CRUTTENDEN, TIM VINE, and MIRANDA HART.

Episodes Available

Season 1 - 6 x 30'
Season 2 - 8 x 30'
Season 3 - 8 x 30'
Season 4 - 6 x 30'
Season 5 - 6 x 30'
Season 6 - 8 x 30' + Xmas Special 1 x 45'
Season 7 - 9 x 30'
1 x 45 (concluding episode),
1 x 30' (outtakes episode) + Xmas Special 1 x 45'
Season 8 - 7 x 30' + Xmas Special 1 x 45'
Season 9 - 7 x 30' + 2018 Xmas Special (Live) 1 x 30'
Season 10 - 7 x 30', 2x45', 1x30' (Live)
Season 11 - 5x30'
Season 12 - 6 x 30' + New Year Special 1x45'
Season 13 - 7 x 30' + 1x45'

Production Company

Avalon Television

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Press & Reviews

“It’s no accident that this is now the BBC’s longest-running sitcom currently on air – it’s just terrific telly.”
The Sun

“We’ve been staying in with Lee Mack’s hit sitcom for more than a decade now… and we’ve been laughing all the way… Mack performs his usual astonishing feat of levering several gags a minute into the storyline, while bouncing off Bretton who makes a wonderful sparring partner… Cue plenty of laugh-out-loud moments as everything descends into comedy chaos”
The Mirror

Consistently hilarious” ★★★★★
The Mail on Sunday

“a splendidly paced farce”
The Sunday Times

The TV landscape would be a poorer place without Lee Mack” ★★★★
TV Times

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