Spitting Image returned in 2020. Iconic, uncompromising, fast-turnaround and a uniquely British satirical take on global events.

Over 100 puppets were developed including: Baby Yoda, Barack Obama, Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Boris Johnson, Chrissy Teigen, Covid-19, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dominic Cummings, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Emmanuel Macron, Greta Thunberg, Idris Elba, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg, Meghan Duchess of Sussex, Oprah Winfrey, The Pope, Prince Charles, Prince Harry, Prince William, The Queen, RuPaul, Taylor Swift, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, and many others, all falling under the show’s legendary gaze.

Celebrated Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law returned to head up the show’s creative team, while multi-WGA-winner Jeff Westbrook (The Simpsons, Futurama) is Showrunner lead the international writing team. A next generation of satirical writers and voice artists worked with established talent to drive a new wave of ‘public service satire’.

In the UK, the ITV election special was the highest rated show at 10.00pm in the last 4 years with consolidated audience of 4.5 million. Worldwide, Spitting Image has gained a huge following with over 150 million views on social media.

International versions of the iconic comedy include the innovative production with SKY Deutschland. A 50/50 mix of globally resonating content from the English language version and new topical local sketches written by German comedy writers and filmed in the UK-based Spitting Image Studios.

Episodes Available

Season 1: 10 x 30'
Season 2: 10 x 30'

Production Company

Avalon Television

Commissioning Broadcaster

Britbox / Sky Deutschland


"One of the most influential British satirical shows of all time" - Financial Times

"A welcome return. Has lost none of its Savagery or willingness to shock" - The Guardian

"Politics is still a laughing matter. The puppets and impressions are pleasures in themselves" - The Times

"TV Gold" - The Sun

★★★★ The Times

★★★★ The Guardian

★★★★ Daily Mail

★★★★ Daily Star

★★★★ The Independent

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